Our Lady of Remedies

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Tile - Lello & Lilla Collection
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 Tile - Our Lady of Remedies

Our Lady of Remédios, an evocation of Mary, mother of Jesus, took on devotion from the middle of the 13th century. Saint John of Matha and Saint Félix de Valois, French founders of the Order of the Holy Trinity, evoked help to Our Lady for the problems they faced, in their mission, for the liberation of enslaved Christians in Africa.

With her help, they managed to make a lot of money and free many Christians.


Collectable tile;
UV printing;
Product packaged in a cardboard package, including support;
Designed in Portugal;
A loving way to bring religion to life through a tile and to welcome faith in our hearts;
More than a gift, it will be that gift, which will mark the difference in the heart of the recipient;

Tile Dimensions:
Size: 15x15 cm
Weight: 270 g

Home Decor - Not a Toy!

These unique pieces help us to plant the seeds of faith and take root with God in the hearts of each family.