Saint Paul the Apostle

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 Tile - Saint Paul the Apostle

 St. Paul the Apostle was one of the greatest propagators of the faith in Jesus Christ.

Before converting to Christianity, Saul, as he was known, was a persecutor of Christians.
One day, in one of these persecutions, he had a vision of Jesus, enveloped in a great light that blinded him. He recognized his mistake and after giving himself over to prayer, St. Paul receives his baptism and, at the same time, regains his sight. In the face of healing, he converted himself to Christianity and became a great apostle.


Collectable tile;
UV printing;
Product packaged in a cardboard package, including support;
Designed in Portugal;
A loving way to bring religion to life through a tile and to welcome faith in our hearts;
More than a gift, it will be that gift, which will mark the difference in the heart of the recipient;

Tile Dimensions:
Size: 15x15 cm
Weight: 270 g

Home Decor - Not a Toy!

These unique pieces help us to plant the seeds of faith and take root with God in the hearts of each family.